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Welcome to Clarity

Consultants, Mentors, Coaches, Creatives. Clarity will change the way you look at your business... forever.
clarity the business mentors

Business Mentoring

What if you could have affordable access to your own dedicated mentor, 7 days a week, to help guide your business towards its goals?


People training

People Training

Your people are your biggest asset. Clarity will unlock their full potential.


Websites and hosting

Websites & Hosting

Stunning websites and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that will raise your online game.


Are you a startup struggling to get a foothold in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace? Or an established business operating below your true potential?

Welcome to Clarity

the business mentors

What if you could have affordable access to your own dedicated mentor, 7 days a week, to help guide your business towards its goals?

Our Strategy

Our results-driven coaching style is uniquely eclectic, reflecting the diverse experience of the Clarity team. Although our services are delivered in a targeted and bespoke manner for each individual client, our broad approach remains consistent for all.


Better client relationships, stronger service delivery, improved financial performance. Our proven triangular strategy will help position your business ahead of the competition.

Who Are We?

We are Clarity, a talent collective…a business consultancy formed by the coming together of unique and successful individuals from all commercial backgrounds. Clarity’s mission is to transform – to educate and inspire – to be a catalyst for change.

We are the business mentors!

Our Core Services

Business Mentoring

The UK’s competitive marketplace has rarely been as acutely challenging for businesses as it is today. Our diverse team of consultants has decades of management experience within the UK and international markets, enabling us to apply a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies to our clients’ organisations. Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, Clarity’s distinctive approach will allow you to see your business in a clearer and more defined way.

Websites & Hosting

In today’s digital age, every business needs to lead with a strong online presence if it is to survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace. Clarity has e-commerce covered in a big way. With our own dedicated servers and in-house e-business team, we deliver secure hosting, stunning websites and cutting-edge social media strategies that will raise your online game, increase your reach and rank your business ahead of your competition.

People Training

Your people are your biggest asset. Invest in them and your business will be stronger and more competitive for it. Our unique delivery of one-to-one and group training, from the ground up to senior management, has been developed to identify, harness and strengthen the individual talents within each of your people. Our unusual results-driven approach will unlock your team’s full potential, leaving them sharp, engaged and ready to drive your organisation on to the next level.

Charity Support

Charities and voluntary organisations fulfil vital, although often unrecognised roles in today’s society. Clarity is strongly committed to supporting good causes throughout the UK and our pro bono service is specifically tailored to help charities with the many challenges that they face. From increased funding to improved operating efficiency, we help charitable institutions achieve an improved delivery of essential services to where they are most needed.

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