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Discover how Clarity is changing the way that businesses find clients and make sales!

Are you an ambitious startup struggling to get a foothold in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace? Or an established business operating below your true potential?

Welcome to Clarity… your catalyst for change!

Clarity is a talent collective. A unique business consultancy practice formed by the coming together of successful individuals from all commercial backgrounds. Clarity’s mission is to transform – to educate and inspire. Results-driven and with our eyes on the road ahead, we consolidate best traditional business coaching practices with tomorrow’s state-of-the-art digital strategies, allowing our clients to perform, grow and diversify in ways they hadn’t thought possible. We are Clarity, and we are ready to help your business stand clear of the competition!

why we’re different


We will change your vision of what is possible for your organisation.

Whatever your industry or target market, the survival of every business is dependent on the ability to secure leads and convert to sales. Clarity’s bespoke business coaching is specifically tailored to the individual needs of each and every client, delivering a fresh approach that will create the most efficient and cost-effective route-to-market for your product or service.

At Clarity, we secure the future of your business today!

Business coaching
what we do

We treat every client engagement as a strategic partnership.

The commercial world is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with most organisations struggling to keep pace with changing technology. Clients and customers no longer communicate or access information in the same way, disadvantaging those businesses still reliant on traditional sales, marketing and delivery processes. But with change comes opportunity.

Clarity helps its clients to seize that opportunity by designing and implementing winning strategies that combine the best traditional business practices with state-of-the-art automated sales systems. Is your business being outperformed by the competition? Talk to Clarity today.

At Clarity, we take pride in delivering value through our three primary Service Groups.


Business coaching

Coaching & Mentoring

The commercial marketplace has never been as acutely challenging or competitive for businesses as it is today. Our diverse team of consultants has decades of experience within the UK and international markets, enabling us to apply a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies to our clients’ organisations. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, Clarity’s distinctive approach to business coaching will allow you to see your business in a clearer and more defined way.


– Strategic Business Planning ✅

– Targeted Marketing Planning ✅

– Organisational Re-Structuring ✅

– Goal Setting ✅

– Management Support ✅

– Tender Preparation & Review ✅

– Lead Generation ✅

– Social Media Strategy Planning ✅

– Financial Reviews ✅


People training

People Training

Your people are your biggest asset. Invest in them and your business will be stronger and more competitive for it. Our unique delivery of one-to-one and group training, from the ground up to senior management, has been developed to identify, harness and strengthen the individual talents within each of your people. Our unusual results-driven approach will unlock your team’s full potential, leaving them sharp, engaged and ready to drive your organisation on to the next level.


– Sales Skills ✅

– Basic Marketing ✅

– Advanced Marketing Strategies ✅

– Social Media For Business ✅

– Leadership Skills ✅

– Client Relationship Management ✅

– WordPress For Beginners ✅

– Advanced WordPress ✅

– Website Content Management ✅


Websites and hosting

Websites & Hosting

With a dedicated in-house team of advanced web designers and world-class digital marketing strategists, we are able to support traditional sales and marketing practices with cutting-edge online business solutions, resulting in a winning formula for the sustainable growth of your business. In a rapidly evolving digital world, we create high-tech solutions for our clients that result in more business and greater market share at a reduced cost per sale.


– Bespoke Website Design ✅

– Secure Hosting ✅

– Advanced E-Commerce Solutions ✅

– Search Engine Optimisation ✅

– Social Media Marketing & Campaigning ✅

– Digital Marketing Strategies ✅

– Automated Lead Generation ✅

– Autoresponder Integration ✅

– Automated Email Campaigns ✅

What if you could have affordable access to your own dedicated mentor, 7 days a week, to help guide your business towards its goals?

Take a look at our range of value-driven mentoring packages and decide which one best suits your business.