Project: YottaChainMENA


Project Scope

New Website


Autoresponder Integration

Content Creation

Project Details

YottaChainMENA is a global leader in the provision of blockchain data storage solutions, currently one of the world’s most impacting and fastest growing technologies.

Based in Dubai (a leader in the adoption of decentralised blockchain technology) and covering the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, YottaChainMENA is redefining blockchain data storage. Built on the back of world class technology developed by leading international scientists, our client offers a massive decentralised global storage pool, connecting distributed resources all around the world.

With the development of ground-breaking technology, YottaChainMENA is not just outperforming other decentralised platforms, but also outperforming leading centralised platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure.

Backed by multiple technology awards, and with over 200 patents at home and abroad, YottaChainMENA is considered the future of secure, reliable and affordable data storage. In conjunction with their partners across the MENA region, the company is creating a Blockchain Storage Ecosystem that is changing the world of data storage.

Clarity was instructed to design, build and host a bespoke website to deliver YottaChainMENA’s unique message to its target market throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Clarity’s commission also included secure website hosting, the development of an automated digital sales funnel, autoresponder set-up and integration, email campaign management, the development of standalone landing pages, webinar system set-up, content creation and social media advice.

Client Feedback

“Clarity’s understanding of global markets, along with their team’s technical and marketing skills, have allowed a strong and successful working partnership to form. They have great vision, are strong on delivery and always available for advice and guidance. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Pekka Kelkka (CEO) – YottaChainMENA

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